Smiles All Round.

Ellie Jay Turkana Grocott.

I have spent 20 years on this planet, mainly living in the wondrous place that is Devon.
I don't fully understand Tumblr, but i shall give it a go!

I appreciate good photography, i can take an alright photo or two myself and i have an amazing boyfriend that adores it.

Most photo's taken by me will be from my iPhone, unless Lee let's me loose on his camera!

The four things i love in life are Lee, Animals, Music and the people close to me. and maybe cheese, but i won't count that.

JK Rowling created seven Horcruxes. She put a part of her soul in every book and now her books will live forever

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#this was really sweet until i thought about the fact that if that were true she would have had to kill a person to create each one -Skyedestiny

How else do you explain Dumbledore, Snape, Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Hedwig, and Dobby?

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I just fucking lost my shit. 

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